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Veeam v6 replication as alternative to vCentre HA product?

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We are just brainstorming the various ways to improve protection against failure of our VCentre installation.
Is it possible with Veeam v6 to use the replication functions (along with re-ip etc) to achieve similar functionality to the "VMware vCentre Server Heartbeat for HA" product offering?

If so how? What are the constraints?

How well does this work and is anyone using this for a production level vCentre instance?


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Re: Veeam v6 replication as alternative to vCentre HA produc

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There are lots of existing discussion about vCenter Server protection, where our community members share their experience.

Here you are some examples that should answer all of your questions:
Backup Replicate vCenter VM?
Backing up virtual center VM
HOWTO: Backing up vCenter host issues
Replication every 15 minutes
Automatic starting a replica

Hope this helps!

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