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VEEAM VSS Integration with or without VMwareTools Quiescence

Post by Hammy »

Hello all, is there a definitive list of when you would use VEEAM VSS Integration with VMware Tools quiescence turned on and when not to.

I can't recall the exact issue I had a few months back but I had a backup failure on a customer site and to fix it I disabled VMware tools quiescence. From other various conversations over the past couple of years I know there are certain systems like Exchange or Domain Controllers where having one or other of these configured can cause issues.

I wish my memory was better. :lol:

If anyone has anything to chuck into the mix on this I would appreciate it.



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Re: VEEAM VSS Integration with or without VMwareTools Quiesc

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Hello Hammy,

Please refer to existing threads which cover the same topic, here is one of them: VSS and / or VMware Tools Quiescence before backup

Hope it helps!

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