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Veeam Windows Backup Fails port 9392

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Case ID 05871817

I have Veeam running on a host on and it is backing up another host - this host has a File Server and a Domain Controller it backs up.
The backup target is a Synology NAS with SMB share.

The backups of the File Server (FS) are starting and transferring about 10-30% when they fail with the message:

Error: A socket operation was attempted to an unreachable network:

This is of course the Veeam host failing to connect to itself.

The relevant bits of the logs:

#Logs removed by Mod (Forum rule, Logs are relevant for our customer support, not for the RnD Forum)

I have tried also running the backup to a local disk on the host and that did not work either - same error ultimately, after running for a while and transferring quite a lot of data it errors with the same port 9392 issue.

netstat always shows this port as available although it is hard to sit there watching and run it at just the right time.
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Re: Veeam Windows Backup Fails port 9392

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Hello AL Grant

I removed the logs.
This forum is run by product management and not by support team. We don't have the tools to analyze log files.

That port sounds strange. This port is used for the backup console to connect to the backup server and should not be used by any backup process.
Please keep working with our customer support to solve this issue. I will follow the case from our side.
If you are unhappy about how the case goes or if you want to escalate it, you can use the Talk to a manager option:

Product Management Analyst @ Veeam Software
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