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VeeamAgent.exe process priority

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I have a question / feature request related to the spawning of veeamagent.exe proxy processes.

These processes are very good at saturating the CPU on a server if there are no I/O bottlenecks. This is a good thing :)
However it does create performance problems if the proxy is not a dedicated server.
For example when the B&R server is used as a backup proxy the UI/managment console grinds to a halt.

But there is one very simple (manual) way of fixing this and that is setting the process priority of the veeamagent.exe process to low or below normal.
In that case it will yield to other processes requesting CPU power and allows the server used as backup proxy to remain responsive even during high backup load with a none to small increase in backup times (depends of course on other processes).

Can the option of starting proxy processes at lower than normal process priority be achieved by default via a reg key or implemented as an option in the UI?

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Re: VeeamAgent.exe process priority

Post by Gostev »

Hi Henk - I have thought about this before, so glad you have posted this to confirm that this is indeed needed. I will ask devs to add such option at least as a registry edit - this should not be hard. Thanks!

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