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Verify Backup Integrity

Post by vmbackupuser »

Is there any way (or utility) to verify the backup integrity, without doing test restores?
I notice there is a setting in each backup job to do 'automatic integrity checks' but is more detail to this reported elsewhere in reports, etc..? Can this integrity check be initiated on demand?

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Re: Verify Backup Integrity

Post by Gostev »

Hello! The automated integrity check on the backup file is performed in the beginning of every backup cycle. If the integrity check fails, it will be reported in the job session result, while success are simply not reported as this is considered "normal".

For the next level of backup testing, you could create PowerShell script that automatically starts file level restore and extracts some files. Our automated testing scripts are doing something like this, this is discussed in more details in the following thread.

Of course, to be absolutely sure that your backups are recoverable, you need to perform backup testing occasionally by restoring all backups in a separate test environment. I know that many customers are doing this. Periodic backup recoverability testing has always been pretty much mandatory activity in the enterprise IT from beginning of days, so this is definitely not some new, image-level backup -specific or virtualization-specific need.

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