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Very Slow Backup - SAN Based

Post by samuk »

Our backups start at 17:00 and seems one machine is still trying to backup 18 hours later! Current machine is backing up at 747KB/s.

I have tried to stop the job but its not stopping.

There is no activity on the SAN. Why would this be so slow? and can i kill the process?

Also i have noticed, looking at the other VM's that have backed up..some are going at 20MB others at 10MB and afew at 500MB? Acording to the log last backup finished at 00:26 and the machine its trying now started at 00:26 but its only 10Gb in size?
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Re: Very Slow Backup - SAN Based

Post by Gostev »

Hello, please open a case with our technical support to investigate. Looks like there is some issue with that one VM.

The speed difference is normal, and depends on the amount of changed blocks for the corresponding VM. VMs with fewer blocks changed since last pass will have really high numbers (because processing rate = total size/total time).
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