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very slow fil restore (less than 150Kb/s)

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I want to restore a directory from a veeam replicat.
In veeam backup and fast SCP i do this :
Restore > Restore from replicas : Indivudal guest files > Select the VM and a restore point.

The window of the backup brower take two minutes to open.

I select the directory I want to restore > Copy To > d:\VEEAM restore
The restore start with a Transfert rate equal to 1Mb/s and fall quickly to 100Kb/s

1h30m to restore 600 Mb!!!

Please someone can help me?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: very slow fil restore (less than 150Kb/s)

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Could you tell us where that replicated VM is located? Are doing restore from an offsite, if yes, what is the connection link between your sites?
Also it would be interesting if you could download any file from the same datastore where replicated VM resides using vSphere Client to the Veeam backup server. What performance rates are you currently seeing?

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