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Virtual Lab Disabled vMotion?

Post by bunger »

I am running a 3 ESX server environment ( ESX 4.1 ) with Veeam 5.0 Enterprise. I just upgraded to Enterprise yesterday and began implementing a virtual lab for recovery testing. In my testing, I found that the process of creating the virtual lab disabled vMotion on all of my servers. So I re-enabled it. Then I decided to delete the Virtual Lab. Yep. vMotion is disabled again.

Has anyone else seen this?


Alexey D.

Re: Virtual Lab Disabled vMotion?

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Bill, this issue has never been reported - and there should not be any connection between vMotion and vLab creation. We will investigate from our side, feel free to open support case as well. Thanks!

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Re: Virtual Lab Disabled vMotion?

Post by joergr »

HUH? Never ever saw this behavior on any system. May it be somehow related to your recent license upgrade? Which would anyhow be strange because vmotion is enabled with standard license (the new vsphere 4.1 model). The only component in a vcenter server environment being able to disable vmotion is the vcenter server licensing component. Have you double checked the license assignments to your esx hosts?

best regards,

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