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Virtual Lab's issue

Post by guidoakd » Nov 17, 2016 3:42 am

Hi everybody, again me with some troubles.. in this case, i've created a Virtual Lab, in order to simulate a Sharepoint's test environment, but the thing is when i create a Pool with my machines, and configure (and run) the SureBackup, the machine appears on my Virtual Center, but before ending, the machine dessapears from the Inventory.. it's like a flash.. it's available some minutes on my ESxi server but after a while, the machine is gone.. only remaining the defaultone the Virtual Lab creates (and shuts down).

Anybody had the same experience? Any suggestion? I couldn't find a step by step of how to create a Virtual Lab with some machines (even the documentation is not very clear)..

I'll hope you understood and could help me. If you need more information, ask me!
Thanks very much.

Mike Resseler
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Re: Virtual Lab's issue

Post by Mike Resseler » Nov 17, 2016 7:07 am


By default, when you create this, the virtual lab will do some tests, and if the tests are done, it will shut down the virtual lab. The reason for that is that it is used by SureBackup to make sure that you can recover and it does that automated. when you want to do some testing on your own, you need to tell it to stay alive (until you decide to end the testing)...

The checkbox for that can be found in step 4 of the procedure: ... tml?ver=95
You need to select the Keep the application group running after the job completes check box.

Also, the entire step-by-step for this can be found starting here: ... tml?ver=95

This is for VMware but we have the same for Hyper-V also

Hope it helps, if not, let us know

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