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VM Guests unregistered during backup

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I have Veeam Backup 4 running in eval mode. I am using the vcb san backup mode. During an incremental run yesterday, two of the hosts (windows 2003 server) were left in an invalid state. The VMWare Infrastructure Client show both computers as "Invalid". There was a VCB snapshot present. The VM events and alerts showed that the snapshot completed successfully while the remove snapshot failed because of "unable to communicate with the remote host because it is disconnected". The following is from the Veeam backup: "VCB backup failed: VCB error: Acquiring disk lease for snapshot-9496[RG2SL4] VM XPTest/VM XPTest-000005.vmdk failed with vmodl.fault.ManagedObjectNotFound."

Are you able to comment on this error.

John Ponting
Vitaliy S.
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Re: VM Guests unregistered during backup

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Hello John,

It looks like an environmental issue (probably VM configuration was already invalid even before backup started). If you send us VMware logs (vmware*.log - located where your VM files reside) for unregistered VMs as well as logs from Help->Support Information to we will be able to confirm that.

By the way do you see any other issues with VMs on the same host? Do you see any snapshots in the Snapshot Manager?

Thank you
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