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VM restore from VM clash with existing one

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Hi All,

I have a VM macine running on Win 2003 SP2 with Oracle 10g.

We want to test new patches for oracle 10g. As such we restore the latest backup from the Veeam Backup to a Vmware ESXi server.

Before bring up the restored VM, we change the IP and rename the server as well as rejoin the domain again properly.

We also change all the registry information of server and ip to the new values.

We then bring up this restored VM and it was running. However we counter that they cannot ping each other.

From other PCs or servers ping to existing server (not restored VM) was not possible. Once I turn off the network at the restored VM. Ping was back for existing server.

Why this is happening?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: VM restore from VM clash with existing one

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Hi Steven,

Hm...Can you please check if you have the same MAC addresses for both VMs? I believe this might be the reason for your issue.


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