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VM SAN Replication

Post by FJ1200 » Mar 22, 2013 10:14 am

Hi, new to Veeam and the forum.

I have a system I'm building with 9 ESXi hosts - 3 hosts in 3 locations - running off 2 SANs on iSCSI. We don't back up VMs generally as our software is fully redundant so I don't need the backup capabilities, but we do need a means of replicating the SANs so that failover is possible. I'm running HA and DRS but our software isn't compatible with vMotion unfortunately. Backups of our software databases happen regularly but we simply image the VMs as it's easier and the system doesn't change that much.

Will I be able to use Veeam to perform replication and failover? Needs to be bi-directional - each SAN will be the DR site for the other. HA works a treat, DRS affinity rules still to be set up, but the replication issue is really bugging me. Due to the nature of our industry the system needs 24x7x365 uptime and failback will be manual and controlled.

I'll be testing out the software over the next week or 2. Don't really want to have to shell out for SRM but am also looking at PHD alongside Veeam for evaluation.

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Re: VM SAN Replication

Post by foggy » Mar 22, 2013 11:07 am

Matt, yes, Veeam B&R provides replication/failover/failback capabilities, please review the corresponding user guide section for detailed description of this functionality. Also, the sticky FAQ topic could be useful. Should any questions arise, feel free to ask them here. Thanks.

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