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VMware tools quiescing vs AAIP

Post by crun »

Hi gents

Due to security hardening and minimal permission model we cannot have local admin/run as batch job rights. This means we cannot use application-aware processing.

Is there a list of features that AAIP adds over VMware tools quiescing?
In terms of restore, do we loose some application-aware restore capabilities?
To my understanding, we should have consistent images of SQL, Exchange, AD, Sharepoint with both methods, but basically Veeam only guarantees this when using AAIP.
I know we are missing SQL transaction log integration (V12 should help with the plugin), I know AD DC recovery is more tricky (don't have details though), but what else is there?

I tried to gather this info from support, but to no avail.
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Re: VMware tools quiescing vs AAIP

Post by HannesK »

by using forum search, you will find some pro / cons of AAIP vs. VMware tools quiescing vs. crash consistent backup. I don't merge this thread, because there are several aspects.

The reason why we invented AAIP initially was stability. VMware tools quiescing simple creates more errors. If you are fine with it, feel free.

From a features perspective: all application detection and indexing does not work. But you can still use the Veeam Explorers by pointing to c:\veeamflr\... and enter the credentials manually. Indexing is rarely used in general, so probably not an issue.

Best regards,
PS: with the upcoming V12 release, you can use group managed service accounts (gMSA). Then you don't need to store passwords in the backup server configuration database.
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