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VSS Errors

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I am experiencing various VSS errors on a number of my virtual machines and I'm hoping the community might be able to help.

Every day, I have around 3-5 machines which fail with various VSS errors. However, they are almost always successful on the first retry of the job. It's a combination of 2003 and 2008R2 servers, some with SQL, some without. Strangely, it's not always the same group of servers that fail. The jobs do currently run during the day when there is activity on them servers, so I'm wondering if that might be causing some problems.

I have checked vssadmin list providers/writers for errors, and found nothing.

I have an open case with Veeam, but haven't had much luck resolving the issue yet.

Are these errors common? I am wrong to expect the job the be successful on the first run, each time?

Any help and or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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