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VSS Failure

Post by BillyT »

I am trying to backup some VMs using VCB SAN mode with VSS. The error is a "known" issue:

Cannot initialize information about the guest's system. Target host: [].
Cannot collect metrics about the guest's operation system.
Cannot connect to the remote registry.
Win32 error:The network path was not found.
Code: 53

What makes my problem different than others I have seen posted is that these VMs are not members of a domain and I am trying to use the local admin account. I have confirmed that the job will run without error if I enable and start the Remote Registry service on the target VM, but I would like to avoid that if possible. Is remote registry absolutely necessary for VSS success in my scenario?
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Re: VSS Failure

Post by Gostev »

Bill, yes Remote Registry is required - otherwise, it will not be possible for Veeam Backup to control its VSS agent remotely.
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