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VSS in XP x32

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Hi. I am trying to backup a XP x32 SP2 vm. The job keeps failing. I want to use the VSS as well - enable apllication aware image processing - but the job keeps failing. The vm i want to backup up, i have recently added it into a group (folder) in vmware and i take backup for the entire folder. It keeps failing. Any idea? The only difference would be that the XP vm is not in the domain. I have selected it and edited the user name and password used to by the vm - i am using the local adminstrator account in veeam to log on to it. Also the Windows VSS and Veeam VSS services on the xp vm er controlled by the local administrator account. The error i get is veeam guest agent is not started. In task manager i can see it is started.
Any idea? Thank you!

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Re: VSS in XP x32

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Alexandru, with every technical problem please contact our support team directly. It's hard to troubleshoot such issues without having the full logs. Also, searching this forum for the specified error gives some threads with issues possibly similar to yours. You can try some advises given there. Thanks.

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