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VSS query

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We have been using Veeam backup for over a month now in our live environment and i would like to clear something up regarding Veeam VSS and the native Vmware VSS. We use Vsphere 4.1u1

1) Is it safe to say that if i have a Windows 2003/2008 server (that does NOT have AD/SQL/Exchange), a quiesce backup would be enough since it uses the vmware tools VSS which has some type of application awareness now?
2) Is a quiesce backup recommended over the normal crash consistent backup?

The reason for asking is because we are hosting a number of VMs which we do not have OS access to, thus we cannot use the Veeam VSS.

... on another note, can the "import Backup" function be enabled for Backup or Restore operators?

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Re: VSS query

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1. In theory, yes. But using VMware Tools quiescence may get you issues with failed backups. There were quite a few reports on this.

2. Yes, absolutely. Crash-consistent is not synonym of "awful", but you should be prepared to see chkdsk, app data corruption, etc upon restores. If you have to do crash-consistent backup, I recommend to always test crash-consistent backups with SureBackup.

You have a valid point on "Import Backup" for Restore Operators... I don't think Backup Operators should be allowed to do this (why? they can only manage existing jobs, they cannot restore anyway).

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