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VSS & Server 2008

Post by bmarsh »


I'm curious if anyone has gotten replication/backups working on a vanilla Windows Server 2008 VM.

We're running into issues since the admin share is disabled by default for Server 2008. Specifically, the Admin share is disabled by Remove UAC and it prevents the Veeam agent from being installed.

I believe the work around is proposed here, however our security team isn't keen on removing remote UAC on our Server 2008 VMs.

Has anyone else experienced this?

- Brian
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Re: VSS & Server 2008

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Brian,

This behaviour is documented in the Release Notes, please have a look: ... _notes.pdf

As a workaround have you considered using a Local Administrator (MACHINE\Administrator) or Domain Administrator (DOMAIN\Administrator) in order to make it work (in this case you wouldn't need to disable UAC)?

Thank you!
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