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WAN acceleration

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First WAN acceleration feature looks great. I see it solving offsite backup widow issues.

I read "Replication jobs in a future release" what would help me the most would be an all in one job that sends the data over the WAN once. What I would like is a job that updates the backup and replica over the WAN in one push. Our DR site holds both. backing up a replica get ticky with timing now.

Or when WAN acceleration supports replication will we just backup (copy) one VM and the run a replication jobs using the same VM in a second job so all data will be in the wan cache. Even this it would be best with the same snapshot used for backup so all data is 100 percent matched. For me WAN acceleration will be much more important than space needed for backups, the WAN bandwidth costs more than disks.

I posted this on the veeam blog and was ask to repost it here.

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Re: WAN acceleration

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Maybe there is a way to update the replica VM using the offsite backup as the source for replica.
Could you possible script a 'restore VM from offsite backup' as an after backup task?

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Re: WAN acceleration

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Yes, we are looking at supporting this scenario.

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