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WAN Replication Configuration

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We've been using Veeam B&R v5 for a while to provide off-site WAN replications for several of our SMB customers.

In v5, we used the "initial replica to removable storage" option to seed the replicas so we could physically carry the data to our site, and it worked great.

In v6, as anyone who's taken a look has seen, this now works in a completely different way. I've got my proxies set up at both source and target locations, and I've got my WAN jobs running again, but the IP configuration I've got set up seems...overexposed.

In order to get it working, I've had to give both the target proxy and target ESX host public IP addresses, because without having a public IP on the ESX host, I can't add it as a server on the Veeam source installation.

Given the proxy architecture, it would seem to me that I should be able to add the remote ESX host by a local IP address that is only accessible to the remote proxy server (so I don't have to expose my ESX host publicly), but I don't see any way to do that.

Am I missing something, or is it not currently possible to set it up like that?

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Re: WAN Replication Configuration

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Honestly, I'm not sure I followed you at all. You start off talking about seeding, which is very different, and yet very similar at the same time (seeding is now simply done by taking a backup and moving the backup file remotely). But then you start talking about IP addresses and having exposed IP addresses on both ends, etc. I don't really understand how the two are related (maybe you didn't intend them to be).

V6 didn't really change the requirements for IP networking over V5. Just like in V5 the V6 server must be able to talk to the vCenter server (highly recommended) or the ESXi host (if adding directly). The proxies must be able to communicate to each other, and the Veeam server.
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