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WAN Replication

Post by bvdutchie » Apr 01, 2011 5:39 pm

I'm setting a job in Veeam to replicate some servers across our WAN connection and want to do this in a way that it uses little traffic. I've setup a replication job to a temp location then run another a fews days later to see what traffic I get. During the second replication I monitored traffic and seen that the job created roughly 2194MB of data. This is bit concerning considering the vrb file is only 291MB. I've contact support and they suggested that this is normal. Has anyone out there come across this? Does anyone have suggestions to accomplish replicating with little over head.

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Re: WAN Replication

Post by Gostev » Apr 01, 2011 7:27 pm

VRB is always going to be smaller because it is highly compressed. As for traffic amount, this depends on target (ESX or ESXi) and Veeam server placement (prod/DR site). There are dozens (literally) of existing topics discussing this. I do not even know which one to merge this post into :D

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