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WAN Replication/Vsphere/Mode

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What is the best mode option for replication with this type of setup?

Veeam is installed on a virtual machine at the main location where the SAN lives.

There is a remote ESX server with a 10mbps link and the link at the main location is only 3mbps. (VPN)

Is VMware vStorage API (SAN with Failover) the best option?

The virtual machines will be replicated locally for the first run at the main location and then the server will be brought out to the remote site for continued replication.

Thank you!

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Re: WAN Replication/Vsphere/Mode

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vStorage API SAN mode is the best option if you are running Veeam Backup server on the physical machine connected to a ESX 4 hosts with shared storage. But if you're going to install Veeam Backup server on the VM on the source site, I would recommend using the vStorage API "Virtual Appliance mode".

Please have a look at our FAQ section for more information on all the modes:

Additionally, there are a lot of existing discussions on Veeam design recommendations on this forum, with all possible questions answered, please consider searching for those. But your scenario looks good for me either.

Some links that might be useful: ... est#p10941 ... t=wan+best


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