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what if veeam server crashes?

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We're looking at Veeam Backup to make backups/replicas of our VM's. So far the trial of the software works like a charm and we will probably buy it soon. I have a question though. We have 2 esx hosts, each in a seperate location. We use Veeam to make backups from each host to the other location, mainly for DR. Now suppose that the Veeam server crashes. We still have the backupfiles (.vrb and .vbk) on other disks, but how can we restore them if necessary? Simply reinstalling Veeam Backup is probably not enough because you need its database as well. Is it a matter of backing up the Veeam database and restoring that after Veeam gets reinstalled?
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Re: what if veeam server crashes?

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Hello, you do not need the database to restore backups. Database contains original jobs configuration settings only, which are not needed for restore. To restore your backups in the outlined scenario, you need to simply install Veeam Backup, and perform Import Backup operation (see main toolbar). After that, your backup files will appear in Veeam Backup UI, and you will be able to restore them. Thank you!
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