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Where to run the replication and backup jobs

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We are running version 6 of Veeam and we have 2 servers at HQ and 1 at the DR site. I have installed Full Veeam on one server at HQ and one at the DR site in thinking that is one less thing to have to do if we are in a true disaster mode. But... I have all the jobs configured on the server at HQ.
So... my question is, where should the jobs reside?
Should the replication jobs and the remote backup jobs be hosted at the DR site and the local backup jobs hosted at the HQ site?
If so, can the Veeam servers act as a proxy server for 2 Veeam servers?
I know the new strategy is to use proxy with one main server, but if I do that and use the HQ server as my main and we have a disaster where the main is not available, then I have to import my backup jobs into the Veeam at the DR site so I can restore them, and i'm not even sure how to import the REplica jobs or if you even can. Just wondering what others are doing? And, one last question. If a replica is in the middle of a job when the site goes down, is the replica corrupted? Or does it automatically fire up the good server, or do I have to kill the last snapshot???

Thanks in advance and I hope that all makes since.

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Re: Where to run the replication and backup jobs

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Hi Mark,
with v6 is really not so important which location you choose for the Veeam server. If you want to have Veeam Backup server available in a DR scenario, so place it safely in the DR site; the only important thing is the proxies' placement.
About other questions, no, the same proxy server cannot belong to two different Veeam Backup servers.
I usually run Veeam Backup in the main site, and than I replicate itself to the DR site. If I need to activate DR is really simple to run VMs directly from the ESXi hosts, even without Veeam server.
If a replica stops for whatever reason, it starts over from where it stops once the link is up again.

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Re: Where to run the replication and backup jobs

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Just wanted to add that there's no need to kill the last snapshot in case of connection drop in the middle of processing. You will always be able to failover to the last good state of your replica VM.

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