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Why does one backup server have more throughput

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I have 4 VM Veeam backup servers that are cloned from the same template that are backed up by a physical server. All the VMs have the same CPU, RAM, network settings and are running out of the same SAN. When the physical server backs up the VM backup servers, one of them runs about 10X faster, 230MBs vs about 30MBs. I see that same server runs backup jobs faster than the other servers too. The backup of the Veeam servers is a network backup job, the VMs run in virtual appliance mode. I thought it might be the Host server, but another of the backup servers is on the same host and isn't as speedy.
I would like to try to get all of my backup servers working as well as the fast one. Any suggestions about what to check on?
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Re: Why does one backup server have more throughput

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Hello Adam,

Could you please clarify if all of your backup servers reside on the same LUN? Do you see any performance difference while running a full backup job run for those virtualized backup servers?

As for having different processing rates for VMs being backed up, then it is expected because of the reasons described in the topic below, please look through: Very different backup speed on VM's

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