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why is SureBackup so moody?

Post by mcz »

Dear PM's,

some guys from support told me a while ago that SureBackup is the feature which has plenty of tickets and also plenty of reasons why it could fail. Now when I take a look at "my statistics", my jobs failed by 30 % the last month - which is way too much. Now of course, some reasons are fine, like 'backup is locked' or things like that, but for instance today I had:
Error: Results: unable to perform Domain Controller restore from a crash-consistent backup. Be sure application-aware processing is enabled in the backup job settings
on the first vm (maybe even before it started). The thing is, whenever there's a good reason why the job would fail and you fix it, everything is allright. But when the last job failed (even on the first vm) and you start it (from the same restore point) again and it succeeds, that's not understandable to me and I had this many times before. Also, the errormessages sometimes do not correlate with the "real reasons" - like in this case the message about the aap - if I take a look at the backup-job, it is and was always enabled. Of course, I could create a ticket and let the support guys take a look but I wannted to know if this topic is known and if there are some fixes in the pipeline for future releases.


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Re: why is SureBackup so moody?

Post by Gostev »

In general, this kind of inconsistency is typically caused by limited backup storage performance, which results in instantly recovered SureBackup VMs I/O timing out affecting applications inside VMs. It's not something we can fix in software. You should probably look at upgrading your backup storage to something faster, if you want reliable and predictable SureBackup.

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