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Dmitrii the False2nd
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Why SQL server in Veeam11a so old?

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I just installed veeam11 and I see what's inside -
sqlservr.exe == 2015.131.5026.0
which corresponds
Build 13.0.5026.0
File version 2015.131.5026.0
kb 4052908
file Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 (SP2) from 2018-04-24

although nature after the COVID is so cleansed that SP3 has already been released
13.0.6300.2 2015.131.6300.2 5003279 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 3 (SP3)
13.0.7016.1 2015.131.7016.1 5015371 Security update for SQL Server 2016 SP3 Azure Connect Feature Pack: June 14, 2022 CVE-2022-29143 2022-06-14

And I really miss the option to install SQL Server Management Studio
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Re: Why SQL server in Veeam11a so old?

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Hi Dmitrii

For new installations, V12 won‘t install SQL Express anymore. The new default will be PostgreSQL.

The base setup version of VBR v11/v11a is 2 years old, and we don‘t really have a chance to replace SQL outside of a major release.
Meanwhile you may update the MSSQL server with Windows Updates or manually.

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