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Windows 2000 Server with SQL 2000 Vitual machine backup

Post by shale »

So, obviously lacking VSS in WIN2K for SQL2K, etc., what approach would you take ?

Our approach for now:
Wanting app consistent backups and a reliable copy of the entire VM image, we are actually shutting down the WIN2K VM
after business hours prior to backing it up with Veeam 4.1.X to get a good "Cold" backup.

During the day we do timed backups of it with BackUp Exec and the BE SQL Agent for 2K/SQL2K.

Option: Script it to pause the SQL server then backup with VMWare tools quiescence capability ? ? ?
Option: Script it to "Suspend" the entire VM for a "Warm" backup ? ? ?

Thoughts and opinions ?

Yes, yes, I know, behind the times, but hey, budget and actual business need drive new OS and RDBMS purchases :-)

Thanks in advance -

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Windows 2000 Server with SQL 2000 Vitual machine backup

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Scott,

We've got an existing topic discussing possible approaches of backing up SQL 2000, please have a look: ... l+2000+vss

Hope that helps!
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