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Windows 2008 R2 ENT SQL backup issue.

Post by Rohail2004 »

All of sudden I’m started to seeing an issue with our Windows 2008 R2 SQL Server. It has over 1.66TB disk attached with 6 LUN’s. We are using 4MB datastore for the LUN which has C:\ drive and .vmx file, and it has 85GB free space. The Veeam backup worked fine for couple of weeks, but lately during the backup the LUN is filling up, causing the VM to go down, despite the fact it started with 84GB free. We didn’t make any changes whatsoever at the Veeam or network level. I’m wondering if anyone has issues backing up server over 1.5TB data, because we are backing up over 180 VM’s through Veeam, and the only one having issue with the largest server we have containing 1.66TB.

the error i get while the backup is running is "msg.hbacommon.outofspace. There is no more space for virtual disk *servername*.vmdk. Click Cancel to terminate this session or click Retry.

after canceling the session, the VM shutdown itself, goes into "Orphraned" mode... I had to manually stopped the Veeam backup from the Mgt console, waited 10 mins, and then VM came backup from Orphaned mode.... and then I was able to remove the Snapshot manually and VM got powered on just fine... but it was very stressfull since it was a critical database server. At this time I have removed this server from Veeam backup schedule, since it happened twice in three weeks.

If anyone has seen such issue, so any suggestions/advice would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Windows 2008 R2 ENT SQL backup issue.

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If you create a snapshot manually, do you experience the same behavior? How long does it take to fill up the entire space on the LUN where the snapshot is created?
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