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Windows Repository Best Practice

Post by jimnoco » Apr 22, 2019 4:36 pm


I've been searching around the forums and haven't really found a good answer to this. I am looking at using some new volumes off of a Netapp we have for new repositories in Veeam via iSCSI. As I have quite a few Windows VM's deployed for other components(proxies, mount, gateway) I'm trying to minimize the amount of vm's I have for the infrastructure. I was thinking I could just use the iSCSI initator directly on the Veeam B/R server to connect to the new volumes. Is this a recommended practice, or should we be dedicating Windows VM's just for the storage connections? I was also thinking of using one of the existing mount servers to connect to the storage and not sure if this would be recommended either. Hoping the community could provide me some feedback or thoughts.

Servers so far in the infrastructure:

Veeam B/R server
Proxy 1
Proxy 2
Proxy 3
Mount/Gateway 1
Mount/Gateway 2


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Re: Windows Repository Best Practice

Post by foggy » Apr 22, 2019 4:53 pm

Hi Jimmy, you can have several Veeam B&R components running on the same server provided it meets the combined system requirements.

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