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WORST CASE , STORAGE FULL , Backup cant delete Snapshots.

Post by WinstonWolf »

Please Help,

One of our VMs cant start because the Storage on which the VMs Files are stored is running out of space . The VMs Storage is 706 GB big.There are many of snapshots and aditional vmdk files with ..0000001.vmdk .
At the Moment i see in the VMs Settings that the Virtual Disk use the ...0000001.vmdk files and not the originals . The last VM Backup was on 5.30 on Sunday Morning. Today at 12.00 am the VM shot down. Now i have the original vmdk's from Sunday and the ..000001.vmdks from today .

This is the screenshot from the VMs Datastore :

Veeam Backup and Replication shows on the last Backup at Sunday the following warning :

10 of 10 files processed

Total VM size: 835,00 GB
Processed size: 835,00 GB
Processing rate: 38 MB/s
Backup mode: NBD with changed block tracking
Start time: 26.03.2011 23:19:14
End time: 27.03.2011 05:30:34
Duration: 6:11:20

Removing snapshot
RemoveSnapshot failed, snapshotRef "snapshot-631", timeout "3600000"
Die virtuelle Festplatte ist entweder beschädigt oder weist ein nicht unterstütztes Format auf.
Veeam Backup will attempt to remove snapshot during the next job cycle, but you may consider removing snapshot manually.
Possible causes for snapshot removal failure:
- Network connectivity issue, or vCenter Server is too busy to serve the request
- ESX host was unable to process snapshot removal request in a timely manner
- Snapshot was already removed by another application

What is the correct way for 1. reduce the space on the Storage and 2. become the VM runnig ?

Thanks . The Customer side have 150 Clients that needs this Server.

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Re: WORST CASE , STORAGE FULL , Backup cant delete Snapshots

Post by Gostev »

Just clone VM to another storage using VMware Converter.
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Re: WORST CASE , STORAGE FULL , Backup cant delete Snapshots

Post by Daveyd »

You can power down the VM and you will get free space equal to the amount of RAM allocated to the VM. You can them do a storage vmotion to another Datastore with large enough space.

I had an issue with a broken chain of snapshots on a VM and new snapshot files being created everytime the Veeam backup would kick off. I powered down my VM, did a manual snapshot, then chose to "Delete All" snapshots. That cleared everything up for me.
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Datastore runs out of space during backup

Post by lmills »

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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. Here's the issue. During a backup with Veeam 5 the datastore runs out of space while doing a snapshot. This causes the VM to go down and it tries to reboot. Currently I have the VM powered down but I noticed that the virtual disk is pointing to the snapshot .vmdk file but will still not boot because of lack of space on the datastore.

In this situation what can I do to get my VM up and running again? Any help would be appreciated.

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