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Business view integration with SCOM 2007 r2

Post by ttrumm » ... _Guide.pdf MODULE 3 on page 52 Business view integration for scom, i cant see it with vmware 5.6 version mp.

Im using vmware mp for scom 5.6
I created VM machine groups in Business View how can i get them into scom? My goal is to group VM machines by service(service WEB SHOP depends on 5 VM machines).

Alec King
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Re: Business view integration with SCOM 2007 r2

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If you check your nWorks MP Operations Guide for 5.6, there is an Appendix A for Integration with Veeam Business View. Page 77.

Basically - you must create a custom attribute in vCenter called 'Veeam.segment'. Use Business View to populate that attribute with whatever text you want. The nWorks MP will automatically pick this up, and populate VM property 'Segment' in SCOM with whatever text you put there.
And once you have a property populated in SCOM, you can use it to create Groups for VMs, and use those groups for Reports, Views, Overrides etc.

Hope that helps!

aleks y
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Re: Business view integration with SCOM 2007 r2

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it's interesting topic here - I've just got similar question from Customer, but seem cannot find any integration in MP 6.0 ..
So, now the question sounds like - are we able to categorize VMware VMs in SCOM (ver unknown at the moment) with MP in any way?
If so - how? And if there any docs - I might be simply missing that...


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Re: Business view integration with SCOM 2007 r2

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Hi Aleks,

As far as I know such an integration is available using Custom Attributes assigned to objects in vSphere. Previously it was ems_segment or something like that, since 6.0 we have a set of Custom Tags (Custom Tag 1, 2 and 3) for virtual machines and some other objects. So, if Business View can set department name in one of those tags, our collector will read this and the name of the department will be available in SCOM. Then you need to create custom views as in the example in the document above or custom groups.

Actually it could be any application, if it can write values to a certain VM attributes - we can read them and import in SCOM. For instance it is possible to configure Veeam Backup and Replication to write Backup Job name and timestamp into the Veeam.CustomTag1 attribute and this data will be available in SCOM.

Let me know if you have other questions.

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