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Change port for the nworks VIC?

Post by maekee »

I have a small problem installing our VMware Syslog Collector service on the same machine that has the nworks VIC installed.
It seems that the default port that the nworks Virtual Infrastructure Collector service uses is port 514, the same as the VMware Syslog Collector.
And here is the conflict, the server cant have two services listening on the same port.

Are these to supposed to have the same port? Or can i change the listening port for nworks VIC to something else? And if i can, how do i do this.
Cant find any GUI for the nworks VIC.

Its possible to change the VMware Syslog Collector port but its a hassle, have to create ESX Host firewall exceptions and change the Host Profiles etc.
Would be nice if i didnt have to do this and could use the default Syslog-port that is 514.

What do you say, how do i solve this?

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Re: Change port for the nworks VIC?

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It is possible to change this port for nworks Collector. You will need a WEB UI component to connect to the Enterprise Manager and change Syslog port.
If you open the Enterprise Manager web UI and navigate to the Enterprise Manager tab, you will see a list of collectors with the assigned monitoring jobs. Just select a collector and click "Advanced Settings", in the opened dialog you can change the SysLog port. I beleive you should restart a collector after doing that.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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