Custom Subscription for low disk space

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Custom Subscription for low disk space

Veeam Logoby apug666 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:34 pm


I'm new to SCOM and this management pack but have been asked to create a custom alert for low disk space on a specific virtual machine. I've managed to apply an override for the specific machine that alerts on a custom low disk percentage but I'm struggling with how I set that up as an e-mail subscription. My attempts so far haven't resulted in an e-mail being sent but I have got an e-mail working for any VM that is low on disk space. Can anyone help? How can I narrow this down to a specific VM?


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Re: Custom Subscription for low disk space

Veeam Logoby Alec King » Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:08 am

Hi Alex,

How have you configured the Scope for this subscription? You probably need to use 'raised by an instance with a specific name' if you want to capture just one VM.
Although for future flexiblity, it might be best to create a group, and configure the scope for that. Even if the group only holds one VM now, in future you could add VMs for email alerting just by adding them explicitly to the group. No need to create new subscription every time. It depends on your requirements whether that's suitable.

In any case, I'd advise checking your scope criteria - make sure you have only the criteria you want selected, in this case 'instance with specific name' is probably best.
There is a good blog post from Kevin Holman here on Subscriptions. Kevin's posts are always a wealth of great tips and tricks, well worth a read!

Hope that helps,
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