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Exclude client OS

Post by matsw »

I'm about to start tuning of the vmware mp at a client. They are running some client OS's (Windows XP, Windows 7) on the hosts and dont want any alerting or monitoring of these guests.

What is the best way exclude them from monitoring? I have greated a group that is populated based on "VMGUEST and Microsoft Windows XP or Micrsosoft Windows 7".


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Re: Exclude client OS

Post by Alexey.Strygin »

Hi Mats,

The easiest way to exclude some VMs from monitoring is to specify NO ACCESS parameter using vSphere client for the account you use to add the vCenter in Nworks EMS.

Collectors will not collect metrics from these VMs and you won't see them in SCOM topology.


Alexey Strygin

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Re: Exclude client OS

Post by Alec King »

Hi Mats,

Apologies for delay, I only just saw this post (problem with email notifications...again :roll: )

But I would not advise using No Access permissions in vCenter to exclude VMs from monitoring. You can get unexpected results and errors from our Collector if it has no access to any parts of the VMware topology. We recommend that you give the nworks account read-only (at minimum) access to the entire vCenter; then you can exclude hosts and/or VMs from monitoring with various methods.
- You can uncheck VMs objects completely in our Enterprise Manager, Collection Settings (no VMs at all will be discovered in SCOM)
- You can disable discovery of VMs in the MP, globally or on a per-Host basis (turn off VM discovery for certain Hosts)
- You can disable the Monitors that run against VMs - this can be done for individual VMs, or for a Group. I think this is the best method for you, as you have already created a group. Just use that group to override and disable the Monitors for VM metrics. The VMs will still exist in SCOM, but you will see no alerts.

Our SCOM Reference documents can tell you all the Monitors that run against VM metrics - the reference docs are available in the Resources section of the MP page on ... urces.html

If you need any assistance configuring the overrides, please let us know.

Alec King
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