FAILED - Scan Datastore for unknown files

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FAILED - Scan Datastore for unknown files

Veeam Logoby raggamuff » Wed Oct 08, 2014 12:48 pm


We have recently installed the Veeam for VMWare management pack and with it comes the check for orphaned/unknown files on the datastore.

We are running Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2012 R2.
We are running v6.5.0.1549 of the management pack.

The problem I am facing is that I want to run the task "Scan Datastore for Unknown Files" to list the exact files that are unknown, but it keeps failing.

I am not altering any parameters such as timeout or exclusions.

I have tried several accounts, domain admin account, veeam backup account, default definded scom account. All of them end with status: failed, and there is no output at all stating what the problem might be.

Note that the veeam backup account is used to take snapshots and full backups as usual, and as far as I understand it, have enough access rights on the datastores to do what the task requires.

Still any ideas as to what this problem might be caused by?

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Re: FAILED - Scan Datastore for unknown files

Veeam Logoby sergey.g » Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:11 pm


First of all, I'm really sorry the task doesn't work for you, it's really helpful for searching for waste left by failed migrations, backups, etc.

Let's fix it, I'm sure it should work for you (otherwise it would display an error indicating compatibility issues).

I would still check that you have sufficient permissions for the data collection account (the one which is being used to connect to vCenter in our Virtualization Extensions UI). You can check how permissions should look like here

If you still cannot launch the task, then I'm afraid we need more information, logs, screenshots, etc. Our tech support team should be able to quickly investigate and fix the issue. I would recommend to submit a ticket at

Let me know if you have any other questions.
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