HeatMap widget guidance needed

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HeatMap widget guidance needed

Veeam Logoby keithkleiman » Fri May 22, 2015 10:54 pm

I am trying to make some new dashboards leveraging the Veeam heatmap widget. Can someone provide some guidance? What I would like to accomplish is the following:

1) a heatmap of a custom group of Windows servers with tiles representing each server that reflect the performance metric processor information\% processor time. Objects from the Windows Server MP.
2) a heatmap of a group of Exchange 2010 servers and tiles representing each server with client server roles that reflect the performance metric for "ActiveSynch Directpush latency". Objects from the Exchange 2010 mp.

What would I select for "the scope to contain all objects used in the heatmap", "the class to group the tiles in the heatmap", and "the class to be used for each tile on the heatmap"? I have tried several scenarios and when I click next and get to the screen "to select a counter or property to control Tile size", I do not see any choices.

Any assistance in this effort would be hugely appreciated and helpful to me!

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Re: HeatMap widget guidance needed

Veeam Logoby Alec King » Sun May 24, 2015 9:53 pm

Hi Keith,

There are some limitations in the current version of our Heatmap widget - mostly caused by performance / scalability issues in the back-end Microsoft queries for the SCOM data warehouse. However we are working around these in our next MP 8 version, where Heatmaps will be much more versatile!

One of the current limitations for performance metrics is that they must used a named instance. The widget is currently hardcoded to only display performance instances named _Total
(note - it is an option to copy existing rules, e.g. from Server OS MP, and redefine the instance name as _Total. That allows them to be used in heatmaps)

Another limitation is that the properties displayed for the widget configuration must be specifically defined as numeric properties on the class you are using. Often properties that only contain a number are nonetheless defined as 'text' - not 'numeric'. Nothing Veeam can do about that, unfortunately - some non-Veeam MPs are just not very rigorous with their class schema! :wink:

However, with the above two in mind, you can still build some cool heatmaps! There is a brief tutorial in our MP Help Center (in Appendix I. ) - http://helpcenter.veeam.com/mp/70/vmware_guide/index.html?welcome_to_veeam_mp_for_vmware.html. And feel free to post any specific questions here, we are happy to help.

And again - our MP v8 will have some enhancements to the heatmap (for example, more flexibility with performance instances) that will make dashboard building much easier.

Hope that helps!

BTW good to see you at Microsoft Ignite, even if only briefly! :D

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