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host disk latency

Post by keithkleiman » Feb 22, 2016 11:02 pm

Does the HOST.Collect.diskMaxTotalLatency collection rule include local disks and raw device mapped stores? Also is there a monitor or rule that can alert on disk max total latency? For example we see 1059 events being collected by the "Veeam VMware: Collect HOST events" rule with the source "esx host storage" and a description such as "esx.problem.scsi.device.io.latency.high] Device naa.600a0980417643324b2b4341416c4961 performance has deteriorated. I/O latency increased from average value of 2790 microseconds to 57153 microseconds. " We have an interest in alerting when I/O latency has increased by a certain threshold ie: 200000 microseconds (200 milliseconds) or more.

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Re: host disk latency

Post by sergey.g » Feb 24, 2016 4:04 pm

Hi Keith,

I beleive this metric should include everything for the host. We are using native VMware metric "maxTotalLatency", its description says that it represent "maximum latency across all disks used by the host".

At the moment we have a Latency Monitor targeted to Datastores, we made it that way to reduce duplicate alarms from both hosts and the datastore.

In order to make a monitor for a specific performance metric, you'll need to do some SCOM XML. I already posted an example of such a single-metric monitor, for VM metrics and it can be easily changed to the host metric. I'll try to create another example for your use case.

Here is a link to VM metric monitor post

I'll post another update with an axample.

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