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Christopher Keyaert
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How many minutes is a sample ?

Post by Christopher Keyaert » Aug 30, 2010 7:35 am

Hello all,

I'm working on my overrides, and I've got a little question about the sample parameter.
How many minutes represent a sample ? As a sample is there for avoiding alert when it's just a spike, do you know how many minutes/seconds represent a sample ?


Thank you
Bests Regards

Veeam Software
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Re: How many minutes is a sample ?

Post by Alexey.Strygin » Sep 01, 2010 9:48 am

Hello Christopher,

The Virtual Machine Core metrics are being collected by default once in a 5 minutes, in this case a sample is a high CPU utilization within the 5 minutes interval.
To prevent a single spike event two samples are considered here, so if on the next collection interval the CPU is still highly utilized you get the alert.

Best Regards,
Alexey Strygin

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