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Latency tolerance VEM / VIC to vCenter

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If the VEM / VIC nWorks Collector is not physically close to the vCenter server, perhaps in a different data center or country, what is the tested latency tolerance between the VIC and vCenter.
Is 200ms latency way out of bounds?
Is 150ms acceptable?
Are there any recommended upper limits between VICs and number of vCenter servers managed if the VIC is sized appropriately.
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Re: Latency tolerance VEM / VIC to vCenter

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Hi Eric,

We would suggest putting VEMs in to the vCenter in this case, as you would be able to save significant portion of API traffic, only escalating messages up to the gateway or to the root management server.

I believe there are no documented latencies, but I will ask colleagues from support to share their experience. 200ms sounds good to me, as I've been monitoring labs in US west coast from within EMEA labs, and it was around 150+ ms ping constantly.

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