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Maintenance mode synchronisation between Windows and VM obj

Post by dieterbocklandt » Dec 08, 2015 2:41 pm


We're using the Veeam Mgmt pack to monitor our VM's and sometimes we have to perform some scheduleded maintenance on those VM's. We used to be able to just put the Windows object in Maintenance Mode and all alerts would silence. With the Veeam Mgmt pack added however, we face the problem that there is a seperate VM object which also needs to be put in maintenance mode.

Is there any way we can sync those objects so that if one object is put in maintenance mode, the other one follows?


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Re: Maintenance mode synchronisation between Windows and VM

Post by sergey.g » Dec 14, 2015 5:07 pm

Hi Dieter,

Sorry for a delay in my response. First of all, let me explain why we feel it's not a good idea to introduce any direct relationship between windows computer and a Virtual Machine. Previously we had such a relationship and it turned out to be producing too many records in SCOM relationship databases thus affecting SCOM overall performance. This also created sometime unwanted behavior with starting maintenance mode for a ESX host.

So, now we don't have a direct relationship - this is great for SCOM performance, but you cannot easily do things like the one you described - put both objects in Maintenance Mode simultaneously.

I can recommend using a PowerShell script to do your task. Assuming name of the VM and Guest OS is the same, you can do something easy like that (change dc2 to the name of the computer you need to put in maintenance mode):

Code: Select all

Get-ScomClass | ?{$_.name -like "*windows.computer" -or $_.name -like "veeam.*vmguest"} | Get-ScomClassInstance | ? {$_.displayname -like "dc2*"} | Start-ScomMaintenanceMode -EndTime ((Get-Date).AddMinutes(30)) -Reason "PlannedOther"
You can add " -WhatIf" to make sure correct objects are being sent to MMode

Let me know if you need some other aproach because VM name and OS name are not the same.

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