Maintenance Mode

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Maintenance Mode

Veeam Logoby moebius-uk » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:40 pm

If I put a host into maintenance mode and reboot it I get at least 4 different critical errors in SCOM.

Is there a way for nworks to ignore alerts for a host whilst it's in maintenance mode?
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Re: Maintenance Mode

Veeam Logoby vBPav » Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:14 am

By placing a "VMware ESX Server" object into SCOM Maintenance, you will supress all alerts generated by monitors and rules that target this particular object. However, please note that several hosted child classes exist under the "VMware ESX Server" class. Such as CPU, CPUs, MEMORY, NETWORK, SENSORS.%, etc. In order to include these objects within SCOM Maintenance mode you would want to use the, "Selected objects and all their contained objects" option while placing the "VMware ESX Server" object into maintenance mode. However, all "VMGuest Virtual Machines" and, if VMGuest to GuestOS relationship is enabled, their coresponding OS/APPs objects. If you do not desire putting the VMguest and OS/Apps into maintenance mode with the "VMware ESX Server" object, then we would have to resort to powershell to include only the "VMware ESX Server" and all coresponding ESX Server components while excluding VMGuest and OS/APP objects.

I hope to eventually to get to writing this script. However, any powershell scripters out there up to the challenge please feel free!

I hope this helps!
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