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MP reports UUID and MAC address conflicts for replicated VM

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I'm running Veeam Replicator to replicate VM's between a couple of hosts.

nWorks reports the uuid's and mac addresses as conflicts. Which is true, and under normal circumstances i'd really want to know about that kind of problem. In this case however I really want to override the alerts but haven't been able to figure out the right settings. The only options I seem to get are to work is to override VI-API or the Virtual Center Server.

Any ideas on how I can override using a group?

Alec King
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Re: MP reports UUID and MAC address conflicts for replicated

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Hi Al,

You're correct, as you have seen these rules have Target of "VI-API Link" (i.e., Virtual Center)
So you cannot override them in the usual way, to exclude certain VMs (or Hosts)

However nworks does send the VM and Host name as a parameter on the source event. You can create a modified rule to watch for that as criteria.

Here's how-
1.disable the original rules that are causing these alerts.
2.create new rules that copy all the settings of the original rules, and also add your criteria to filter by specific name of Host(s) or VM(s)

Here's a quick example of creating a new version of the 'nworks vCenter: VM MAC Address Conflict' rule, that will exclude just one Host -
In Ops mgr Console\ Authoring, Create New Rule (Alert Generating - Event Based - NT Event Log)
Advise you store rule in a new "nworks custom rules" MP or similar - not in the Default Management Pack.

All settings are the same as the original rule, including-
Target = VI-API Link
Logname = nworksEventLog
in Expression:
parameter(1) = VmMacConflictEvent

And this is the new criteria you will add -
parameter(5) DOES NOT EQUAL [your host name]

This will mean the rule will not fire when the VM is on the host that is [your host name].

You can also use parameter(7), this will match the VM name.

And you can use DOES NOT MATCH REGULAR EXPRESSION, that will allow you to have multiple hosts/VMs that are excluded.

Hope that helps - any questions let us know!

Alec King
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