Multiple collector heartbeat alerts

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Multiple collector heartbeat alerts

Veeam Logoby mwinchester » Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:13 am

Hi all

Does anybody else experience these and know what the cause is ? I am seeing up to 20 per day they usually auto resolve pretty quickly but i'd like to identify the cause and get it resolved. I'm not seeing similair alerts from any other machines or any actual problem on the collector itself.

Alert: Health Service Heartbeat Failure
Source: vcamsccs001.EUROPE.PPDI.LOCAL
Path: Microsoft.SystemCenter.AgentWatchersGroup
Last modified by: System
Last modified time: 31/03/2011 01:17:24
Alert description: The Health Service on computer vcamsccs001.EUROPE.PPDI.LOCAL failed to heartbeat.

Alert view link: "http://CAMRMS01:51908/default.aspx?DisplayMode=Pivot&AlertID=%7b51b0216e-8113-493b-8501-148cff69b61f%7d"
Notification subscription ID generating this message: {E0043DE2-681D-B3BE-D2B8-F9C747ACED6E}


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Re: Multiple collector heartbeat alerts

Veeam Logoby vBPav » Wed Apr 06, 2011 11:04 pm


Please keep an eye on the nworks Collector Agent's "Send Queue % Used" (SCOM Console\Operations Manager\Agent Performance). If this is hitting 100% then the nworks Collector is handling way too much load. If this is the case I would suggest contacting Veeam Support to work through this (


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Re: Multiple collector heartbeat alerts

Veeam Logoby steve_mc » Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:57 am


Can anyone in the Veeam team shed any light on how this issue was resolved in the end? - I am having similar issues, I have opened a support case and still working through this but it would be interesting to hear the community perspective on this issue if anyone else had had this problem.
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Re: Multiple collector heartbeat alerts

Veeam Logoby Alec King » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:11 am

Hi Steve,

Assuming this problem happens only with nworks Collector servers - then I would investigate the Monitoring Load on each Collector. If they are monitoring too many Hosts + VMs, then the Ops Mgr Agent Health service can use high cpu and memory, which could delay heartbeats. the Agent might even auto-restart, if the correct configuration is not applied.

There are 2 key points to configure the agent for stable performance -
1. You must run the Configure Ops Mgr Agent Task against every nworks Collector (this task is built-in to our MP)
2. You must override a couple of Ops Mgr default monitors for PrivateBytes usage - this prevents the auto-restart.

Please see our Install Guide, page 13 for instructions on configuring the agent as above.
Hope that helps!

Both of the above
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