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nworks Collector service has stopped

Post by maekee »

We dont get up our ESX Hosts and virtual mashines, all views are empty in the OpsMgr Console.
Our VEM is in a critical health state,

but i am a bit confused because...
Our VEM get this monitor as Critical: nworks Collector: VIC Service Monitor.
It says that the nworks Collector service has stopped. (service name: nworksVIC)

But when i log on the server and check the services the "nworks Virtual Infrastructure Collector (servicename: nworksVIC) is started.
Even the nworks VIC Configuration website says that the Collector Service is started.

I have tried to restart from services and the nworks VIC Config website.. but it doesnt get green.

What is this??

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Re: nworks Collector service has stopped

Post by arseny »

Hi Maekee,

There are many things that could have gone many different ways, nice approach would be the following:

did the state change occur in the past, or it's constantly critical;
clarify solution version;
VEM OS where agent is installed;
clarify the agent was turned to allowed proxy mode;
calrify any non-nworks test (i.e. via simple event monitor and eventcreate.exe to eventlog) works;

As you could've seen in "nworks Collector: VIC Service Monitor" properties, it relies on a simple Windows service monitor, no rocket science. If it can't do service monitoring, this may be i.e. RunAs profile-related problem on agent. For your convenience, and decrease of response time, I suggest to transfer the conversation from forum to a support queue ticket by e-mailing the copy-paste from this forum page (with answers to questions I put above) to, if you haven't already done so.

For your convenience, you can put myself in cc: of the message so I'll track it, my alias is achernov and you know the domain name. Please feel free to include any additional information (i.e. screenshots) and your contact phone in the e-mail to support.

Kind regards,
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