SCOM 2012 nworks wont discover ESX host...

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SCOM 2012 nworks wont discover ESX host...

Veeam Logoby pavel » Wed Mar 21, 2012 6:02 pm

I am doing a proof of concept for nworks with SCOM 2012..
for this pupose i have a test iESX server 5 with one vm guest

I installed and configured all nworks components on a single server (SCOM MS)... THis is all in one SCOM 2012 installation so everything is on that server: DB, Web console, MS..
Installed the MP
The Server where collector is installed is configured for Agent Proxy...

I added the VMWare server in the nworks Enterprise Manager
The collector is discovered, but the VMWare ESX server or VMs are not being discovered...

I have screenshots, but not sure how to attach to this post

Is there anything i am missing?

Here is the event for the discovery...

Event 999 Content:

VMwareTopologyDiscovery.js : v5.7.0.1022
Discovery 'ALL' Complete!
1 API connection(s) discovered;
0 Host(s) discovered;
0 Datastore(s) discovered;
0 Cluster(s) discovered.
Script completed in 1.941s
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Re: SCOM 2012 nworks wont discover ESX host...

Veeam Logoby Alec King » Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:35 am

Hi Pavel,

Well, the key is in our discovery event - '0 Host(s) discovered'. For some reason, we do not see an ESXi host at the end of your API connection. Could be a problem with the account permissions that you are using to connect, or some other configuration issue....

Could you raise a support call with us please? And we will dive into the logs. Thanks!
Alec King
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