SCOM Logical Disk Alerts

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SCOM Logical Disk Alerts

Veeam Logoby zainali » Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:16 am

I got number of 2008r2 servers and i am trying to raise an alert for disk size free space when it is 98% free, i know it sound bit strange, but this is just for testing purpose
The size of the disks varies and they are:
10239 (MB)
10239 and so on
The letter of the disk is c,e
I tried the following but its not showing any alerts
Open Operations Console\Authoring pane. Click "Scope" and find "Windows 200x logical disc" where 200x is 2000 or 2003 (your systems). Click OK. Expand "Windows Server 200x Logical disc\Entity Health\Availability". Right click on "Logical Disc Free Space"-> Overrides -> Override the monitor -> choose a type of object for which you want to change tresholds. Check all parameters which you want to change and enter your values. You must change both "% treshold" and "Mb treshold" (read the monitor description! Right click on monitor\Properties\Product Knowledge).
I follow the above instructions as follows:
from Authoring
searched windows server 2008 logical disk
Logical disk free space
Right click - selected Overides - than Overides the monitor
For all object of class : Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk

Select Overides tab
Set enabled - true
set Error % Threshold for Non and System drive from 5 to 98

set error mbytes for non and system from 1000 to 51198 and
100 to 51198
set generates alert from 3600 to 30

set warning % threeshold non and system drives from 10 to 96
set warning mbytes threshold for non system drive from 2000 to 50000
set warning mbytes threeshold for sytem drives from 200 to 50000

and applied and O.K

still i get no alerts in my scom. it shows logical disk in alerts healthy.

Something i doing wrong? not sure what it is can someone help please i need this badly?

Many thanks,
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Re: SCOM Logical Disk Alerts

Veeam Logoby agolubnichy » Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:32 pm

Hi Zain,

Sounds to me like you are trying to get an alert from Windows perspective, rather than from VMware. To get an alert from nworks, you will need to configure "nworks VMware: VM GuestOS vDisk is low on free space" rule.

Alternatively, you can install a SCOM agent inside a VM - this way it can be discovered as a "Windows Computer", and you can get the metrics from the OS as well.
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