Scope dashboard view

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Scope dashboard view

Veeam Logoby sepj12927 » Mon Nov 03, 2014 7:26 am


I have a request from a user that would like to scope the "Top X" dashboards to the VM's and Clusters he is responsible for. Can this be done out of the box?

If it can't be done, how can I copy the dashboard definition and scope it for my user in a custom management pack?

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Re: Scope dashboard view

Veeam Logoby sergey.g » Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:33 pm


Thank you for such a great question/request.

Out of the box you can do Top X dashboard for resouce pools (this way you can scope to group of VMs), or for the selected Host, Cluster, Datastore and some other parent objects. You can select a cluster and open Top X Hosts dashboard or Top X VMs for the selected Cluster.

However this is not the same as scoping our Top dashboards from the Views folder. Or scoping a dashboard to a group of objects. You are absolutely free to copy and re-use our configuration, however I'm afraid with Dashboards this could be cumbersome, they require huge XML code and also could contain some hard-coded things here and there.

There is a way to limit objects in other SCOM views - by creating a user role which can see only objects in a certain group, but this not always work correctly with dashboards as well as with diagram views, because in most cases they are scoped to a certain group, not a class of objects.

Let me check what we can do on our side to help you with such a request. I'll update the topic shortly.
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