Some questions on VeeamMP for Hyper-v

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Some questions on VeeamMP for Hyper-v

Veeam Logoby sumwu » Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:13 am

1. Is it possible to send alert to customer if mem/CPU/disk is not enough? So far I only see report, but they would like to get alert if days left is 30.
2. Is it possible to plan network capacity? I only see CPU/mem/disk currently.
3. Could we configure CPU/MEM dashboard? I only see 2 monitoring items (cluster/disk) on SCOM Hyper-V monitoring console.
4. Is there any API/SDK so that we could customize the Veeam MP?
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Re: Some questions on VeeamMP for Hyper-v

Veeam Logoby Alec King » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:47 am

Hi Sum Wu,

Great questions, thanks!

1. We do have alerts on CPU, memory, disk latency etc; but those are threshold-based, not based on trending factors. Building an actual Monitor alert on the trending is an interesting feature request, and we're looking at that for our next update.
For the moment, you can use the Capacity Planning dashboard - this is available in the Monitoring section of Ops Mgr, and it shows the trending calculation, without the need to run a report.
And, you can schedule the Capacity Forecasting report(s) to be automatically run, and emailed to you on a daily basis.

2. We do not (yet) have out-of-box reports on Network Capacity Forecasting, again this is something we are researching for our next version. However today, you can use our Veeam Report Library to implement forecasting reports for any metrics, including the network metrics we already have (latency, packet loss etc)

3. We do have CPU and MEM dashboards included - usually we call them "Compute" dashboards. For example Host Compute, in the VEEAM for Hyper-V Views folder. Also, if you select any Host (or Host alert), then you can open the in-context Dashboard Host Compute Analysis from the Tasks pane of Ops Mgr - this shows CPU, Memory metrics for the Host and CPU, Memory Heatmap for the VMs on that Host.
Do the above dashboards work for you? You can use our widgets to build custom dashboards too.

4. We have a powershell interface Veeam Shell into our Veeam Extensions Service - this is used for licensing, and advanced settings. And there is an API into Ops Mgr itself, with many features. What sort of customization did you want to achieve?

Thanks again for the questions - please give us more feedback on your requests such as Network Forecasting, capacity alerts, and customization!

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