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Veeam Data seperation for SCOM Views

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I have recently installed the Nworks MP for SCOM. Within my Environment i Que up alerts for spacific Views accourding to the MOF and ITIL Framework. I am having an issue with Allert rollup from the Veeam MP as not all of these alerts should come to a spacific view.

I Achieved this by creanting a Dynamic Inclusion Role for the group I wanted to see the alerts. Rule = OR ( Object is nworks Vmware AND True )

However this seems to Tree in all Topologly of the Veeam Environment including Guest / Host Windows spacific errors. I have tried adding Exclusions for the spacific machines that are showing up, however this is a manual process for any new infrastructure that is brought on line and i find this to be an unrelyable resolve.

Does anyone have any advice on how to exclude windows errors from the Veeam Topology. (For Views)

E.g maybe i need to be more spacific with the Dynamic Inclusion Role.

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Re: Veeam Data seperation for SCOM Views

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Rather than using groups, I would suggest using Alert Filters. You will want to filter your Alert View on Name = "nworks%". The nice thing about this method is 1.) you dont have to worry about maintaining groups 2.) You save your RMS from having to query your dynamic group each time an alert is generated. This saves on performance.

Hope this helps!
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